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September 2022


The High Cost of Inflation

Unlike so many large-scale forces that affect our lives but are mostly hidden from view — supply-chain challenges, international negotiations, the long-term effects of climate change — inflation is something that we all see and feel on a personal level daily. It’s present at the grocery store and restaurants, at the gas pump, and in transportation costs across the board. 


At Food Bank of the Rockies, we are experiencing the effects of inflation, too, most noticeably in the cost of staple food items. Due to a significant decrease in food donations from the federal government and manufacturers, we have been purchasing more food than ever to keep up with the high demand for food assistance that we’re seeing across our 53-county service area. Even without inflation those costs would add up; with inflation, the total cost is astronomical. Right now, we are spending over $1.3 million every month on food — well over three times the amount we were spending pre-COVID.


Here is how much the costs of the following items have risen year-over-year:

  • Potatoes: 71% increase
  • Sweet corn: 61% increase
  • Onions: 50% increase
  • Cucumbers: 39% increase

We source tens of thousands of pounds of these items each month to ensure our clients have the nutritious foods they both need and want. In total, it costs more than $132,000 to purchase the same amount of this produce right now compared to last year.


We say this often because it’s true: Food Bank of the Rockies could not operate without support from people like you. During the month of September — which is Hunger Action Month® — the Abram and Ray Kaplan Foundation is sponsoring a triple match for every donation made to Food Bank of the Rockies up to $25,000. That means your $1 turns into $3, and instead of $1 providing enough food for four meals, it will provide enough food for 12 meals. Please consider tripling your donation this month to have three-times the impact on hunger in our community. Thank you so much for supporting us and helping us in our mission to end hunger. Your efforts and dedication make all the difference.

“It’s easy to do, and it’s a really good feeling when you know you’re giving something to somebody.” - Brandon Carter, group coordinator for Western Midstream, the 2022 Volunteer Group of the Year 

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Grocery Rescue in Action

In one year, Food Bank of the Rockies obtained and distributed over 38.5 million pounds of quality food items through the Grocery Rescue Program. Meet two partners who help us ensure that good food stays out of landfills and instead goes to people who need it.

Helping Communities Grow

In order to fulfill our mission of meeting people however they need us, Food Bank of the Rockies this past year partnered with Ekar Farm in Denver to source and distribute seeds to partners across Colorado and Wyoming. Keep reading to see how communities responded. 

September is Hunger Action Month®!

At Food Bank of the Rockies, we take action against hunger in our community every day, week, and month of the year. With September being Hunger Action Month®, we’re extending this call to action to each of you: our valued and dedicated donors. Every monetary donation received this month will be tripled up to $25,000 thanks to the Abram and Ray Kaplan Foundation, which means every $1 you donate will help provide enough food for 12 meals! Please consider donating today. Thank you!

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