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March 2023


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Taking Action Against Childhood Hunger

Inadequate nutrition can result in troubling consequences for kids’ health at nearly every stage of childhood development. Food-insecure mothers are more likely to experience low infant birth weight and other birthing complications. Children who are living with food insecurity are more likely to develop asthma and anemia, as well as experience stunted development, hospitalizations, and oral health problems. More troubling still, exposure to food insecurity and its accompanying socioeconomic conditions are linked to childhood mental health challenges — including anxiety and aggression — which can further limit a kid’s ability to be a productive student.


The end of SNAP Emergency Allotments on March 1, 2023, caused difficulties for everyone enrolled in the program, but the decrease especially affected families with children. In Colorado, 64% of SNAP participants fall into this category, forcing hundreds of thousands of people to make difficult decisions: Do I pay my rent this month or do I put food on the table for my family? Should I skip a meal so I can afford fuel to get to work? Times are already tough with high inflation, and with the end of this emergency benefit, times are going to get even more challenging — especially for families. 


To help ensure everyone in our service area has access to the food they need, Food Bank of the Rockies anticipates purchasing up to 20% more food each month. We can’t do this work without you and are so thankful for your generous support. To learn more about what we’re doing to combat childhood hunger, continue reading.

“I love helping people. This is the right thing to do, you know? It makes me feel good that I get to do something for somebody.” 

-Lavynia, Mobile Pantry volunteer

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Behind the Scenes at the Distribution Center

Ever wonder how we distribute enough food for upwards of 178,000 meals every day? Find out in this 9News story featuring the Denver Distribution Center!

Prioritizing Nutrition via the FRESH Program

Nourishing people is our top priority, which is why we provide over 900,000 pounds of fresh produce every month to our partners with the FRESH Program.

Double Your Donation with Our March Match

Through March 31, your donation will be matched dollar for dollar! That means that every dollar you give will help provide enough food for six nourishing meals for a neighbor experiencing food insecurity. Don’t wait — give today!

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