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July 2023


Just How Big of a Problem Is Food Insecurity?

We talk a lot about how many people in our community are at risk of experiencing food insecurity. But what is food insecurity, and why is it such a huge problem? While it might seem like those are obvious questions with clear answers, the truth is a lot more complex.


Food insecurity is a vast and complicated public health issue that negatively impacts the lives of over half a million people in Colorado and 10% of the population in Wyoming. It is linked to numerous negative mental and physical health outcomes and disproportionately affects lower-income households thereby reinforcing and exacerbating existing disparities in quality of life for historically marginalized communities. 


Food banks, food pantries, and other hunger-relief organizations act as a first line of defense against food insecurity, and in the first half of 2023, we’ve seen an increase in neighbors needing our services. The reasons for this are as varied as the causes of food insecurity, but include:

  • Changes in Social Security benefits means more older adults on fixed incomes now qualify for lower monthly SNAP benefits (food stamps), leaving them with no option but to turn to us for assistance.
  • The end of SNAP emergency allotments on March 1 decreased a family of four’s monthly food benefits by $360 on average.
  • School letting out means caregivers need to find alternative ways to nourish their children during the week.
  • Inflation remains stubbornly high — particularly food inflation.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to food insecurity, but at Food Bank of the Rockies we will continue to innovate to lessen hunger in our community, support our Hunger Relief Partners, and be there for our neighbors when they need us. Your support makes all of this possible. Thank you.

“I know all of these people. They’re my family. I do this for them.”

 – Mudah Di, volunteer site coordinator for Kaizen Food Share’s New Freedom Park distribution

What Actually Is a Food Bank?

Food banks and food pantries both play unique, important roles in nourishing neighbors. We explore their differences and how they work hand-in-hand.

Choosing the Right Produce for You

Which uses are best for canned vs. frozen vs. fresh fruits and vegetables? We’ll explore each type and learn about their specific advantages.

Answer the Challenge of Hunger with 2X the Impact!

Now through July 31, your gift to support our neighbors experiencing hunger will be matched, up to $100,000, thanks to the generosity of CoBank. Right now, every $1 you give helps provide the equivalent of 6 nourishing meals! Join us. Together, we’ll provide the food — and peace of mind — our Colorado neighbors need. 

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