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February 2023


More Trials Ahead for Neighbors Facing Hunger

On March 1, the Colorado SNAP emergency allotment benefits will end. This means individuals receiving SNAP benefits will lose  $90 per person every month on average. We anticipate that in order to meet the increase in need for food, Food Bank of the Rockies will be purchasing up to 20% more food every month.


Already, record-high inflation rates coupled with the need for food in our community being higher than pre-COVID levels has led to Food Bank of the Rockies spending more than three-times as much money per month to purchase food as we were before the pandemic to provide our neighbors with the food they need.


The challenge of hunger is enormous, and we can't do this work alone. We need you. Please continue to our blog post to read more about the challenges facing our neighbors and the three most impactful ways you can help your community when the emergency additional SNAP benefits end March 1. Thank you.

“I think volunteering is something everyone should do. It gives you a sense of what you have and a feeling of contentment. It’s always a good thing, giving back.” - Alan, Mobile Pantry volunteer

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Vote for Us for Large Nonprofit of the Year!

Food Bank of the Rockies is a finalist to be the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce 2023 Large Nonprofit of the Year! Vote by Wednesday, March 16, to help us secure this incredible honor. 

Is It Okay to Eat Expired Canned Food?

“Use by,” “sell by,” and “best by” dates are confusing — and often misleading. We break down food labeling and explain what’s okay to eat and what belongs in the trash.

Give Back with Your Tax Return

Provide relief and hope to our neighbors experiencing hunger by allocating a portion or all of your tax return to Feeding Colorado, the state association of food banks of which Food Bank of the Rockies is a member. On page two of the Voluntary Contribution Schedule (form DR 0104CH), select number 16, write in the amount you wish to donate, and submit the form with your state income tax return. Those funds will then go toward supporting Feeding Colorado and its member food banks. Give back today. Thank you!

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